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2022-11-14 00:48:30 By : Mr. Jason Chen

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The right pair of curtains can make a surprising amount of difference to your home. Here are our pick of the best ready-made curtains to shop now. 

Curtains aren't designed to be centrepieces; they should complement your room's aesthetic and interior design style without becoming the focus themselves. Opt for the wrong pair, however, and they'll be the only thing anyone can notice. Choosing the right type of curtain, colour, drapery and curtain material is an essential part of styling any room, not just because without curtains, your room will look bare and (if it's a bedroom) you'll be waking up as soon as the sun comes out, but to add that final finishing touch to frame your windows and ensure you're making the most of any natural light. 

To help you find the right curtains for your living room or bedroom, we've searched high and low for the best window-framing pieces around, from the best blackout curtains to the best velvet curtains. And to make sure you're on the right track, we've also included a bit of information you might want to peruse first. 

When you're shopping for curtains, before you choose the colour, style or material of curtains you want, you need to make sure you know what type you need based on your window size, curtain poles, and the look you're going for. We've summarised what you need to know about a few of the key styles below. 

The type of curtain that best works for your space really depends on what kind of curtains you're looking for. You'll need to take into account the amount of light you want to block out or let in (blackout curtains will block out almost all of the outdoor light while sheer curtains will let most of it through), whether you want thermal curtains, and then what kind of movement or look you're hoping to achieve with the curtains. 

The type of material you choose and how it moves can make the most difference to how the curtains frame your windows and your room; go for something floaty and light for example and you can emphasise features such as patio doors or larger, bright windows. Opt for something darker and a heavier fabric like velvet and you might instead give off a more vintage, old-fashioned and almost regal aesthetic. 

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If you're placing curtains in a space where you don't really need to worry about how much light they block or how thermal-regulating they are, you'll want to opt for a sheer option. As they have plenty of movement from being so light, especially if placed by an open window, sheer curtains channel that floaty, summer vibe which can make a room feel more relaxed and calming. We'd suggest using these in particular if you have glass doors to your garden as they can look especially pleasing with the doors open on a summer evening. £39. At

Light in colour but not in thickness, these blackout curtains from John Lewis & Partners will do wonders for your sleep if you're struggling with the summer sunlight breaking through seemingly just a few hours after you fall asleep. And it's not just their light-blocking abilities that make these curtains so appealing; it's the duck egg colour which brightens up your space, and the fact John Lewis has made so many sizes available. As such this is one of your best options around for stylish blackout curtains. From £45. At

The colour block design of these linen curtains creates a breezy feel which draws the eyes towards the window and the higher, lighter portion of the curtains. In a tab top style, rather than an eyelet, you'll need to have a curtain rod in order to hang these, but the continuation of the fabric over the pole adds a very rustic, natural vibe that goes perfectly with the linen fabric. Choose between eight sizes and you've found yourself a set of curtains that are ideal for any room where you want to really showcase some natural light. From £72. At

As far as fabrics go, linen is a good choice if you're trying to achieve that more natural feel with your curtains, adding a subtle amount of texture to the room rather than a softer, silkier curtain might. Known for its quality fabrics, Anthropologie is the ideal place to find some of the most premium linen curtains around. Whether you're after a subtle light grey colour or want to push the boat out a bit more and opt for burnt orange or lavender, there's also an extensive shade range to choose from to help you match the look to your space, with two sizes options (short or long). From £98. At

Velvet has a timeless ability to bring an opulent and luxurious feel to your room. Available in eleven different colours, from a calming slate blue to a bolder, brighter burnt orange, Made's Julius curtains are some of the most affordable we've found which still channel that premium velvet feel. And while some more budget-friendly curtains can be unlined or feel less finished, Made's are neither, and come in two different sizes which you can match to your space. £54. At

For an effective blackout curtain that doesn't feel too intense or overbearing, Marks & Spencer has incorporated a faux silk material to still give its wares a silky flow. It's the ultimate fusion of practicality and style and looks best when draped to the floor, creating a long line and elegant feel. We're particularly fond of the lighter champagne, ivory and duck egg shades which continue to offset the intensity of the curtain's thickness, but there is a range of ten shades in total to choose from. From £12.40. At

If you already have plenty of colour or a statement piece in your room, you might be looking for a simpler, more minimal aesthetic from your curtains. In which case H&M Home is exactly the place to be looking. In a blackout style which makes these suitable for bedrooms, they have a heavier feel to them and come in a long, classic draping style that just can't be beaten.  £120. At

For a darker shade that will still let in plenty of natural light, these Cox & Cox curtains will work a dream. Made from a linen fabric, the curtains are unlined so as to have a sheer look to them, while the darker washed blue shade adds a bolder, stronger frame to the window, without blocking all of the light from outside. If you're placing them in your bedroom, we'd suggest matching them with the washed indigo bedding for a completed look. £150. At

While we normally opt for a more neutral, single-shade curtain design, Morris & Co's exclusive collection for John Lewis & Partners has a range of patterns which are giving us major Bridgerton, English countryside vibes. In a classic William Morris print, they have an eye-catching and striking vibe to them, adding plenty of warmth through the bright red background colour, but without the intensity that a curtain in just one shade might bring. It's a soft look, yet still one which livens up the space. From £70. At

In the warmer summer months, you don't want to be sitting in a room with heavily textured, thicker curtains that just make everything feel even hotter. Instead, you'll want to make sure you're using curtains that are thinner and in a more subtle shade to create a breezier, lightweight sensation. From AM.PM, these curtains are made from pure linen with a pleated finish, in a sheerer design that still lets in the light. A divine choice for creating an ambience where you'll want to relax indoors. £129.35. At

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