Stryker introduces new suture anchor system for foot and ankle procedures

2022-12-17 12:42:55 By : Mr. Kim Long

The Citrefix disposable suture anchor system is made using Citregen bioresorbable elastomeric material.

Stryker has introduced its new Citrefix suture anchor system, featuring Citregen biomaterial, for foot and ankle surgical procedures. Drop In Anchor 10mm

Stryker introduces new suture anchor system for foot and ankle procedures

Citregen is a bioresorbable elastomeric material made from a citrate polymer that is specifically designed to mimic native bone structure and chemistry to aid resorption while reducing chronic inflammation.

The Citrefix disposable suture anchor system comprises a resorbable biomimetic anchor body.

Stryker Foot and Ankle business marketing and medical education vice-president Michael Rankin said: “Our customers will now benefit from the expanded use of one of the most innovative bioresorbable materials available for use in foot and ankle procedures.

“Citrefix’s unique suture anchor system is the next step in our expanding Citregen portfolio.”

Stryker stated that the unique chemical and mechanical properties of the device will help to heal grafted tissue and grow healthy bones when used in orthopaedic surgical applications.

The sterile-packed set comprises a cartridge with a preloaded implant and eyelet, as well as a drill guide, drill bit and pre-assembled inserter.

Ankle and Foot Institute orthopaedic surgeon Wayne Berberian said: “By leveraging Citregen’s unique material properties, Citrefix introduces design features that greatly increase its pull-out strength compared to other suture anchors.”

The Citrefix suture anchor system follows the launch of Citrelock last September and represents the second product in the company’s expanding portfolio developed using the Citregen material.

The Citrelock Tendon Fixation Device System is designed to prevent bulk degradation and chronic inflammation.

It offers surgeons strength similar to cortical bone and a modulus in line with cancellous bone.

Stryker expects to launch further products next year.

Stryker introduces new suture anchor system for foot and ankle procedures

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